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Reflection Shots – Reality Or A Gimmick?

We've all seen reflection videos on detailers pages on social media. You think you're looking at some object or background and then the camera pans away and you can see your looking at a painted panel on a vehicle. The 1st reaction you have is wow, looks at that mirror finish and gloss. We [...]

Opti-Coat Pro Plus – Ford Raptor – Super Glossy!

This beautiful 2013 Ford Raptor came in for Opti-Coat Pro Plus. We first gave it a proper starting with a full decontamination wash, clay and a 1 step corrective polish. We then applied Opti-Coat Pro Plus. The results are stunning. The gloss is amazing. Some of the benefits of having your vehicle ceramic coated, [...]

Maserati Levante – Opti-Coat Pro Plus / XPEL Ultimate

This Maserati Levante came straight to us from Maserati of New England. The owner wanted it protected from the harsh New England winters before he took delivery. After consulting with us, the owner decided on Opti-Coat Pro Plus and XPEL Ultimate paint protection film Opti-Coat Pro to protect the paint from sodium chloride, bird [...]

Opt-Coat Pro Plus on a Tesla P75D

The car coating market has exploded the last few years. Seems like there is a ceramic coating coming to market every month. Some with wild claims. We use only the best, Opti-Coat Pro Plus on our customer's vehicles. Not only does it have unbelievable gloss and shine, but has unsurpassed durability that cannot be matched [...]

GT4 – Opti-Coat Pro Plus and Xpel Ultimate

This 2016 Porsche GT, in classic Guards Red, came to us after the owner had enjoyed 10 days of driving it throughout Europe. As you can see it still has a European front plate. He was looking to protect his investment in this highly sought after vehicle.  We all agreed the protect it with [...]

Jaguar F Pace – Opti-Coat Pro Plus & Opti-Guard

This brand new 2017 Jaguar F Pace is the 1st one we've had in the shop. Its gorgeous! Something worthy of MI 6's Q branch. The owner lives in Boston and does not have garage parking. He was looking to protect his paint from the elements as well as keeping this Jaguar looking good [...]

The Blue Bull & Opti-Coat Pro Plus

This beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo, a/k/a the Blue Bull is pretty well known in the car community in the Boston area. The owner keeps it in meticulous shape, and it seen at many cars and coffee,s and car events. Where ever it goes, it gets looked at and wins many awards at car shows.  But [...]

2016 Cayman GT4 Project – Opti-Coat Pro & Xpel Stealth

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 XPEL Stealth, Opti-Coat Pro Plus, Opti-Guard Leather and Fabric, Opti-Glass This highly desirable Sapphire Blue Metallic Porsche Cayman GT4 came straight from the dealer still in its shipping wrap. Over the next week or two we will be changing the appearance of the car, providing protection to all the painted surfaces, [...]

Mustang GT 500 and Gloss Coat

This GT500 came in for a multi step paint correction and Optimum's Gloss Coat Nano Ceramic Coating

Interior Detailing – Poor Bentley Seats

We had a Bentley come in for interior detailing. The leather on this poor Bentley was in need of some serious attention and moisture. The leather seats were dry, faded and lifeless. Like someone from Boston going to the Nevada. We reconditioned the seats, added essential oils back into the leather. Seats are all better [...]

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