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Paint Correction

We are the best at car detailing in the Boston area. We also specialize in paint correction. What is paint correction? It is the process of removing scratches, swirl marks, and imperfections from your paint. There are a lot of “detailers” out there that claim they can remove these unsightly blemishes. Most hide them with products that fill swirls and hide scratches with waxes, silicon, and heat.

We use no fillers. We actually remove the defects. What you see is what you get. This is what makes us who we are. Craft Detailing has the very best paint correction services in Boston. Contact us today for more information.

– Paint Correction Services from $999 –

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Express Car Detailing

Our Express Detail keeps your car in tip-top condition between full details. Your vehicle’s exterior will be treated with an exterior wash, the paint surfaces including wheels (and barrels) will be decontaminated. A 3-month sealant is applied.  Not only does it increase gloss, but it also protects the paint.The interior is vacuumed, windows cleaned and interior surfaces are wiped down. (Does not include carpet extraction; stains, sticky spots, stuck on dirt and grime, and salt in the carpet and fabric will not be removed) *Express Interiors can only be booked if we have seen the vehicle prior to booking.

For Exterior Only

– $125 Cars

– $150 SUVs

– $175 Trucks/Large SUVs/Vans

For Interior Only

– $125 Cars

– $150 SUVs

– $175 Trucks/Large SUVs/Vans

Interior Car Detailing

Caring for your car’s interior may be more important to you than your exterior. We get into those hard to reach places to remove dirt and dust. Carpets are extracted and stains are removed. We use only water-based protectants

  • Interior is vacuumed
  • Steam cleaning of all panels to disinfect and clean
  • Cracks and crevices are blown out with compressed air
  • Seats, carpets, and mats steam cleaned
  • Interior trim and console cleaned/conditioned

– $349 Cars
– $379 SUVs/Trucks
– $399 Large SUVs/Vans

* Add $100 for Carpet Shampoo

interior car detailing boston

Exterior Car Detailing

As paint is exposed to the environment and wear-and-tear, it can begin to appear dull or hazy, with swirl marks, water spots and scratches lowering gloss.

We pride ourself on preparation, which is key to achieving amazing results. It does not matter how expensive or advanced your wax or sealant is. Preparation is the foundation of amazing results

Once we free the paint of contaminants, we polish the painted surfaces, not to correct the paint, but to increase gloss.

– $349 Cars
– $379 SUVs/Trucks
– $399 Large SUVs/Vans

exterior care detailing in Boston

Exterior Plus Car Detailing

If you’re looking for more than just an increase in gloss, and would like to reduce the amount of swirls and light scratches. Our Exterior Plus will do just that. We use a 1 step corrective polish process to remove many of the fine scratches, swirls and defects. We bring out the shine and protect the finish.

– $499 Cars

– $529 SUVs

– $549 Trucks/Large SUVs/Vans

We know you’ll be happy with our finished product!
– Our car detailing services in Boston are second to none. –
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