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That’s is how we describe ourselves. What sets us apart from everyone else is that we were founded on the premise that we, as auto enthusiasts, struggled to find an auto appearance shop that was qualified to work on our own personal cars. How many times have you searched for “auto detailing near me”, “hand wash” or “best car / auto detailing” and have come up with very few options? Hence Craft Detailing.

We take best of breed products and use the most cutting edge techniques to safely bring your car back to better than showroom condition. We also do this in a environmentally conscious way. We use less water in a month than a family of 4 uses in a day. The typical car wash uses 30-70 gallons a wash, we use less than 3.

We pride ourselves in our work and offer some of the best detailing work in Boston, Massachusetts and New England. We are the leading Authorized Opti-Coat Pro installers in the Boston area, and you won’t find a better XPEL Ultimate installs anywhere near Boston or in New England.

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XPEL Ultimate Plus Tesla Model 3

Ever wonder how XPEL Utimate Plus, aka clear bra, is applied to a Tesla Model 3? We've been getting a ton of Tesla owners into the shop for clear bra and ceramic coatings. We [...]

Own a Tesla Model 3? Thinking about a Ceramic Coating or Clear Bra? Read This 1st!

Tesla has ramped up Model 3 production finally! I know that some folks have been on the Model 3 waiting list for longer than 2 years. As they are getting delivered we are seeing [...]

Tesla Model 3 in for Opti-Coat Pro Plus Ceramic Coating and XPEL Ultimate Plus

As Tesla Model 3 production ramps up, We've been seeing quite a few Model 3s this summer. What do most Tesla Model 3 owner have in common, besides their love of Tesla? They are [...]

2018 911 GT2RS – Ceramic Car Coating and Clear Bra

What a car! This 2018 GT2RS is a very sought after and collectible vehicle. This "widow maker" wanted to be protected by the very best in clear bra and nano ceramic car coating that's [...]

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14 hours ago

Craft Detailing

Want to change the look of your Model 3 emblems? We now offer reflective logo decals. DM us for more info. ... See MoreSee Less

Want to change the look of your Model 3 emblems? We now offer reflective logo decals. DM us for more info.

19 hours ago

Craft Detailing

McLaren Monday or Manic Monday? 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

McLaren Monday or Manic Monday? 🤔


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