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Eco-Friendly Hand Car Wash in Boston

Boston hand car wash

Gentle and extremely effective, Our Eco-Friendly Hand Car Wash & Protect removes dirt and grime from paint, wheels, glass, plastic trims, chrome and exhaust tips, with very little water usage. Our hand wash is EPA Water Act compliant. Our Hand Car Wash will not swirl your finish! We offer the best Hand Car Wash in Boston.

  • Your car is pre-soaked with pressurized wet steam to remove tough dirt, bugs. tree sap and road salt, from your exterior vehicle surfaces.
  • Soft brushes are used to clean the rim, and tires, removing brake dust from wheel faces, wheel barrels which can etch the surface of the wheel
  • Application of Water Based Tire Gel
  • The vehicle is dried using high quality plush microfiber towels and compressed air
  • A high quality polymer sealant is applied during the drying process
Trucks/Vans/Large SUVs