Ever wonder how XPEL Utimate Plus, aka clear bra, is applied to a Tesla Model 3?

We’ve been getting a ton of Tesla owners into the shop for clear bra and ceramic coatings. We thought it would be appropriate to use a Model 3 as the subject of our time lapse.

We filmed the actual installation. What you don’t see and what ¬†we left out is where we carefully wash the car, clay and perform a light polish to the areas where the film is being laid, so that surface is well prepped before being covered up. We are one of the only installers in the Boston area that actually do this.

In this video we are applying XPEL Ultimate Plus to the front bumper, fenders, lights and mirrors. If you have other panels that you wish to have protected, we certainly can provide pricing on request. More information on packages and pricing can be found here.