I Just Purchased A Tesla!!! Now What?

I Just Purchased A Tesla, Now What Do I Do? Well, 1st off congratulations! You have just purchased an amazing piece of technology. You've also joined a passionate group of owners and enthusiasts. But what do you do now? The obvious answer is to drive it and enjoy it. We've noticed a trend [...]


The Best Ceramic Coating Just Got Better - Introducing the New and Improved Opti-Coat Pro Plus The new Opti-Coat Pro Plus just got better! Everything you should expect from the best coating on the market, but now it provides higher gloss, increased slickness and greater scratch resistance. And it still retains its best [...]

The Blue Bull & Opti-Coat Pro Plus

This beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo, a/k/a the Blue Bull is pretty well known in the car community in the Boston area. The owner keeps it in meticulous shape, and it seen at many cars and coffee,s and car events. Where ever it goes, it gets looked at and wins many awards at car shows.  But [...]

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