The Best Ceramic Coating Just Got Better – Introducing the New and Improved Opti-Coat Pro Plus

The new Opti-Coat Pro Plus just got better! Everything you should expect from the best coating on the market, but now it provides higher gloss, increased slickness and greater scratch resistance. And it still retains its best in class chemical resistance and chemical durability.

This Tesla Model S was delivered to us from the Tesla Delivery Center in Dedham, MA. It was washed, prepped and polished to our high standards. We then wiped it down with an IPA solution to remove any residual polish or solvents. We then applied Opti-Coat Pro Plus. The results speak for themselves. The gloss and slickness is incredible. Permanent gloss, increased scratch resistance, and ease of maintenance.

A fantastic coating, based science and not marketing hype, and backed by a real insurance company!