This beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo, a/k/a the Blue Bull is pretty well known in the car community in the Boston area. The owner keeps it in meticulous shape, and it seen at many cars and coffee,s and car events. Where ever it goes, it gets looked at and wins many awards at car shows.  But the owner realized that it needs some professional detailing to make it look perfect. He consulted us on paint correction work to make it perfect. After a consultation to evaluate the car, his gorgeous Lamborghini Gallardo came in for our paint correction service and Opti-Coat Pro Plus ceramic coating protection.

We started off with a decontamination wash to remove any iron deposits inbedded in the clear coat then we clay prepped the vehicle, including the glass to leave a super clean surface for us to begin our paint correction. This cars paint was smooth as glass and contaminant free.

We tried a few test spots on various sections of the car to determine the best way to correct the paint. We decided on a 2 step correction as it was giving us the next to perfect results. A day and a half of polished later, we completed this gorgeous Gallardo and topped it off with The Ultimate Protection – Opti-Coat Pro Plus. This ceramic coating with provide permanent protection, and will provide years of amazing gloss, super hydrophobic properties and amazing protection. Every time the owner washed the car it will look like its just been layered with wax.

We are vehicle appearance experts, you my not own a Lamborghini, but you deserve to have you car look like a million dollars. Let us show you how.