As Tesla Model 3 production ramps up, We’ve been seeing quite a few Model 3s this summer. What do most Tesla Model 3 owner have in common, besides their love of Tesla? They are all interested in keeping their Model 3 looking as good as possible and protecting it from the terrible New England roads. The best way to do that is not to drive it (haha!). All kidding aside, the best way to protect the paint is to protect it with clear bra and a ceramic coating.

Tesla paint is extremely soft, and the Model 3’s paint is no different. This 3 came in and we did a complete decontamination wash, clay and then we removed all the sanding marks left from the factory with a corrective polish. Once that was done we applied XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film, or PPF for short, to the front of the vehicle. The bumper, hood, fenders, headlight and mirrors were all protected.

Once the clear bra was finished. We re-wiped all the of the exterior surfaces and applied our flagship ceramic coating, Opti-Coat Pro Plus to all the painted surfaces, over the clear bra, plastic trim, lights, glass (side, rear and roof), and wheel faces. Opti-Coat Pro Plus is the only coating on the market that is truly permanent. No other coating on the market can come close to its chemical resistance. The best part of our ceramic coating is that it does not need a periodic topper to extend its longevity. Other coatings like Ceramic Pro, CQuartz, IGL, Modesta, etc all need to have their coating topped off at least annually.

As you can see from the photos the results are stunning. The glossiness of Opti-Coat Pro Plus give the silver paint so much more depth. And it will always look like every time its washed. If you’re looking for protection, ease of maintenance, protection from the acidic environment, then Opti-Coat Pro Plus and XPEL Ultimate Plus are a winning combination!

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