The car coating market has exploded the last few years. Seems like there is a ceramic coating coming to market every month. Some with wild claims. We use only the best, Opti-Coat Pro Plus on our customer’s vehicles. Not only does it have unbelievable gloss and shine, but has unsurpassed durability that cannot be matched by any other car coatings on the market.

Opti-Coat Pro Plus is a favorite among Tesla owners, and this is what the owner of this brand new Tesla Models S P75D decided to use to protect his pride and joy. Picked up directly from the Tesla Dedham Service and Delivery Center, we went to work to perfect the paint before applying Opti-Coat Pro Plus. We decontaminated the paint, and them preformed a 1 step polish. No matter what ceramic coating you choose, the best results come from the best prep work. We are one of the best detail shops in the Boston area. No one prepares your car better. We offer the best detailing near you guaranteed!

Tesla paint is a very soft, water based paint. Its is very susceptible to chemical etching. Opti-Coat Pro Plus will guarantee that your paint is protected and give you incredible gloss. This P75D is protected permanently and warrantied for 7 years. Give us a call or send us an email for more information on how we can make your vehicle look the best it can.