This 2016 Porsche GT, in classic Guards Red, came to us after the owner had enjoyed 10 days of driving it throughout Europe. As you can see it still has a European front plate. He was looking to protect his investment in this highly sought after vehicle.  We all agreed the protect it with XPEL Ultimate and Opti-Coat Pro Plus.

Once in our possession, we did a full decontamination wash, removed any particles embedded in the paint, and performed a 1 step corrective polish. Once this was completed we removed the front head lights, and Porsche emblem on the hood. We then applied XPEL Ultimate on the bumper, full hood, full fenders, mirrors, side air scoops, the area behind the door handle and the fender flare on the back bumper behind the rear wheels.

Afterwards XPEL Ultimate was installed, we applied Opti-Coat Pro Plus to increase the scratch resistance of the paint, to protect it from the environment, and what every owner wants: to enhance the gloss. Prep work is key to achieving great results. No matter what coating you apply to a vehicle, if the paint isn’t property polished and prepped you wont achieve optimal results. That is why we do some of the best detailing in Boston.

We also thought it best to tint the windows using Suntek Ceramic 50% on the side and rear windows. Not only does it keep the interior cooler, but it dramatically changes the appearance of the exterior.

This car is now ready for its owner. XPEL Ultimate is guaranteed for 10 years and Opti-Coat Pro Plus is guaranteed for 7 years on a new vehicle. The two combined offer a near perfect combination of protection.