2016 Porsche Cayman GT4

XPEL Stealth, Opti-Coat Pro Plus, Opti-Guard Leather and Fabric, Opti-Glass

This highly desirable Sapphire Blue Metallic Porsche Cayman GT4 came straight from the dealer still in its shipping wrap. Over the next week or two we will be changing the appearance of the car, providing protection to all the painted surfaces, wheels, wheel barrels, brake calipers, trim, windows, carpets, dash, seats, seat belts, leather and alcantara surfaces, plastic, and the rest of the interior surfaces.

We are covering the entire vehicle with XPEL Stealth. Once we are done, this car will no longer have a shiny painted surface. While many of our customers choose XPEL Ultimate for its protection, self healing abilities and clarity. XPEL Stealth changes the shiny metallic surface to a matte finish. The end results will be incredible and it will totally change the appearance of the vehicle. The best part is that once you done with a matte car, you can remove the film and the painted surface will be preserved as it was the day it was wrapped.

This car will be coated with Optimum’s Opti-Coat Pro Plus once the XPEL is installed. This with further enhance the films protective abilities while provided protection from the environment. The wheels will be removed and coated with Opt-Coat Pro (including wheel barrels). Brake calipers will also be coated. Opt-Coat Pro is a permanent coating and is warrantied for 7 years on a new vehicle. It is the class leader in chemical durability, gloss and shine.

All Interior Surfaces will be treated with Optimum’s Opti-Guard Leather and Fabric. To keep fabric clean, resistant to staining and making jean dye transfer easy to wipe away.

Lastly, while this car most likely will not see a drop of rain, all glass surfaces will be treated with Opti-Glass glass Coating.

Pictures and write up will follow. Stay tuned

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