Ford Mustang GT 500 – Muti Step Paint Correction and Protection! Optimum Gloss Coat Nano Ceramic Coating.

This Ford Mustang GT 500, signed by the legendary Carroll Shelby himself, is the pride and joy of it’s owner. He wanted it to look better than new, so he sent it to us at Craft Detailing. After consulting with him on what he was looking for in terms of appearance and protection, we at Craft Detailing came up with a game plan.  Once in the shop, we gave it a full decontamination wash. We clayed it afterward, as this step is to further remove contaminants that the wash could not eliminate from the painted surfaces, such as any remaining iron filings, rail dust, and industrial fall out. We then follow it up by performing a multi step paint correction process, which consists of multiple steps of compounding an polishing.  After four days of compounding and polishing, the paint looked absolutely perfect. We then coated the exterior surfaces with Optimum’s Gloss Coat Nano Ceramic Coating. Gloss Coat gives off unbelievable gloss and slickness and provides protection from environmental hazards. Gloss Coat is extremely hydrophobic and water will bead and sheet off the surface, making this treasured vehicle much easier to clean in the future. Because of its gloss properties as long as the coating is present, there will never be the need to wax or put a sealant on the paint. Gloss Coat is a fantastic coating for any vehicle and will last up to 3 years. Over that time you you will have that just waxed look every time you wash.