If you have ever had the opportunity to drive the 2017 Ford Mustang GT350. You know that its fast in a straight line and nimble in the corners. And the exhaust note! We don’t know anyone that doesn’t love that deep growl that comes out of the back of this beast! It makes for the perfect track weapon. But how do you go about providing max protection for the GT350? To us the answer is simple. With XPEL Ultimate paint protection film and Opti-Coat Pro Plus ceramic coating.

The GT350 underwent a full decontamination wash, in which road grime and ferrous materials were gently removed with a thorough wash, and a clay treatment to remove any remaining embedded materials in the paint. We then followed up with a polishing process to remove minor defects, light scratches and light swirls from the painted surfaces.

Once the paint was perfected, we installed XPEL Ultimate to the front of this vehicle. XPEL will provide years of protection against road debris and rock chips. Warrantied for 10 years not to yellow, peel, crack or delaminate, it will give you years of worry free protection.

We then applied Opti-Coat Pro Plus to all the painted surfaces, trim, lights, rear and side glass. This coating will provide years of permanent chemical resistance against bird droppings, bug guts, and the acidic environment. It will also look incredibly glossy, giving a permanent just waxed appearance. Since the coating is super hydrophobic, it will be easier to keep clean, washes takes less time and you’ll never have to wax your car again! Opti-Coat Pro Plus is the leading ceramic coating on the market. Based and science and made in the USA. It is the defacto standard that all other coatings try to emulate.

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