We tend to post a lot of sports cars, and exotics that come in for paint corrections, detailing and Opti-Coat Pro Plus or OCP+ for short. One of the benefits of Opti-Coat Pro Plus is ease of maintenance.  It is much easier to keep a vehicle that has Opti-Coat Pro Plus  applied clean and it stays cleaner longer. Any truck owner will tell you that there is a lot of surface area to keep clean. And it would be no surprise that certainly takes longer to wash than any car would.

What if we told you that it takes half as long to wash your truck and that it will stay cleaner longer as OCP+ will keep dirt and contaminants from sticking to the surface? Who doesn’t want to save time? Once it’s washed, it will also look like it’s just been detailed every time as well.

The owner of this black Chevy Silverado 1500 wanted the ease of maintenance that OCP+ provides. It also permanently bonds to the clear coat and gives it permanent protection against the acidic environment.

Unlike other ceramic professional coatings, which will lose gloss because of oxidation, Opti-Coat Pro Plus will get glossier over the 1st 30 days and stay that way. With other coatings you have to “reload” the coating annually or semi-annually. Its unnecessary with OCP+.

This Silverado received a full decontamination, a 1 step correction and then had Opti-Coat Pro Plus applied on all of the painted surfaces, plastic trim, wheel faces, side and real glass. This is the only coating that comes with a real warranty. At the time of this writing, the warranty is backed by Liberty Mutual for 7 years. Opti-Coat Pro Plus, properly maintained, will last well past its warranty.

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