This brand new 2017 Jaguar F Pace is the 1st one we’ve had in the shop. Its gorgeous! Something worthy of MI 6’s Q branch. The owner lives in Boston and does not have garage parking. He was looking to protect his paint from the elements as well as keeping this Jaguar looking good all the time. He opted to go with Opti-Coat Pro Plus for the exterior and Opti-Guard Leather and Fabric to protect the interior.

Even though this SUV was only 4 days removed from the dealer lot, we made sure this vehicle was properly prepped. No matter what coating you decide to go with, the prep work is essential to acheive fantastic results.

We started with a decontamination wash, followed up by using clay to ensure any embedded contaminants we removed from the paint. There is a misconception out there, that if a car is brand new, then the car’s paint is perfect. This is far from true. Most drive off the lot with light scratching and swirls. Dealer detail departments do an adequate job, but their job is to get every car out the door quickly. Not to make sure you car looks perfect. This Jaguar was no exception. We performed a 1 step correction polish and then applied Opti-Coat Pro Plus.

The owner also wanted his interior protected. We applied Opti-Guard Leather and Fabric.  Opti-Guard Leather provides UV protection to leather and vinyl surfaces, as well as stain resistance. Jean dye and other stains wipe right off with a damp microfiber.  Opti-Guard Fabric provides stain resistance to your fabric surfaces. It his hydrophobic and will repel liquids that spill on the treated fabric sufaces.

With Opti-Coat Pro Plus and Opti-Guard, this SUV will look fantastic for years to come.