Porsche owners know to come to us for the best detailing around Boston. This track driven Porsche GT car was in need of a full detail. The paint had lost its gloss due to scratches and swirls in the paint. And with track use, there was a ton of ferrous material from the brake dust embedded into the paint.

This GT3 receive a full decontamination wash to remove all the ferrous materials that have embedded themselves into the clear coat. We then proceed to clay the exterior surfaces to pull any remaining bonded contaminants from the paint. We then polished to remove fine swirls and scratches from the surface. There are many detailing products on the market that have “fillers” in them, which mask and hide the existing swirls. Once the fillers get washed away the swirls return.

Here at Craft Detailing we only use products that actually reduce and remove swirling. We never hide imperfections. The results speak for themselves.

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